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Sarah at Christmas

Monday, November 28, 2016

Decorating a Thanksgiving Wedding

We are about to shoo the leftover turkey out the door and clean his remains from the frig.

 It's time to usher in Santa Clause.

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Before we leave the Thanksgiving season altogether, I thought I'd talk about decorating around a wedding at Thanksgiving. We didn't use turkeys.

A client asked me to help with table d├ęcor for a rehearsal dinner. The dinner was to take place in the church fellowship hall following the rehearsal. We decorated the span of the room as much as possible. We left the white screen to show videos of the couple when the meal ended.  

The client loves white pumpkins. I had her gather several different sizes, white tulle, candles and glass holders.

Various heights and sizes made an interesting display.  

If the budget had allowed, I would've covered the chairs in white fabric and draped a bow at the back.  When choosing a design, one needs to consider budget, style, surroundings, and personality of the client.  Other factors come into play also, but these are important, especially budget. Weddings are expensive. Right?

 At night, with the lights dimmed, the candles glowing, people buzzing with happiness, I doubt anyone noticed the chairs. 

In my book, Sarah: Laney's Angel, Laney is an interior designer. I wrote it based on several of my personal experiences. I didn't have a stalker, Laney did, but I had a few close calls in vacant houses. Laney needed a guardian angel, and I'm sure I had one along too.

Sarah is sent to help Laney find romance with her boss, Cannon Carlson. He's a builder/developer in Houston. It's a fun read, and you might pick up a few design hints.

Sarah: Laney's Angel is available in eBook, print, and audio

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