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Sarah at Christmas

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Cowboy for Christmas

Escape with Sarah

2.99 on Amazon eBook

Sarah, the haphazard angel, returns to Texas. Her mission this time is to bring comfort to a young woman who is about to receive devastating news at Christmas. Sarah brings solace, gets caught in a freak snowstorm, and introduces Emily to a wealthy Texas cowboy. In this episode, Sarah gets the job done, but not without plenty of mishap that make the humans laugh as she bumbles her way through Texas.

I'm introducing two new angels in this book.
Eve and Sparkly. Come meet them. I'd like to introduce you to Sarah too, if you haven't met her already.

I love writing fantasy, but I really believe we have angels who guard us. They also give us hints as to what to do or where we should go.  None of the real ones are as goofy as Sarah. Sarah has a few human qualities and these cause her to create havoc from time to time.