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Sarah at Christmas

Friday, November 4, 2016

A day away

Good morning friends,

I walked before daylight this morning. We are one day away from the weekend. The temp was only 70 degrees, and we'll approach 90 before the day ends. No fog today, but clouds gather. I took this picture from my driveway.

Clouds show up in our lives at the most unexpected times. What are you concerned about today? Would you like to see my list?

Well, let's see. Here's a few things that keep me awake at night.

1. Our daughter with dementia requires a lot of care. I've got to study her Obama Care insurance and figure that out mess out. Obama Care has been a nightmare for us. I hope it is better for you. She recently became a widow, her husband died from cancer. Grief lives with us.

2. Our church needs a good stirring. People are getting lazy and staying home. Churches die if the congregation fails to show up.

3. Books. Mine. I'd love to sell more of them. I write with the idea of bringing hope, faith and laughter to a hurting world, but if people don't know they exist, then am I writing in vain?

4. I can sell a tangible item but I don't know how to brand myself.

5. We have financial decisions to make.

6. Health issues.

7. Our nation and the election. Our country is divided. Things are getting ugly.

8. The holidays. I'm hoping the immediate family will celebrate together this year.

Yes, the clouds come and we live with what they bring. God is always good. I hope He brings sunshine to you today in the midst of your concerns.