Saturday, August 31, 2019

Are you in a Lonesome Valley?

Lonesome Valley
Well, you got to walk that lonesome valley
You got to walk it by yourself
Nobody here can walk it for you
You got to walk it by yourself
Now Daniel was a Bible hero
Was a prophet brave and true
In a den of hungry lions
He showed what faith can do for you
Now some folks say that John was a Baptist
Some folks say he was a Jew
But the holy Bible tells us
That he was a preacher, too
Now though the road be rough and rocky
And the hills be steep and high
We can sing as we go marching
And we’ll win that one big union by and by

Lyrics and band found on link above.
The song writer says you've got to walk that lonesome valley. All by yourself.
Is this really true?
It seems as though it is at various times in our lives.
A loved one dies. Divorce comes. Financial ruin. Family leaves you. Job loss. Depression that won't go away. A loved one goes into the depths of Alzheimer's.
But the truth of the matter is this: God walks with us in that lonesome valley if we let Him.
Perhaps we don't "feel" Him. We don't "see" Him, nor do we "hear" HIm.
That doesn't mean He's not walking beside you. He can be our quiet companion.
Walking with Him in His silence is a comforting, peaceful walk. 
I'm walking in that valley. He's silent as He walks with me. How about you?

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