Wednesday, August 14, 2019

White Wheat

"The fields are white to harvest."  
Words of Jesus. John 4:35

I've read that verse all my life, but I'd never seen actual fields of white wheat.  On a recent trip to the US state of Organ, I saw them. Zillions of acres of white wheat, and they looked much like these in the picture above. They appeared more golden to me than white, but the grain is known as white wheat. 

In Jerusalem, the turrain is a bit different, but the wheat looks the same.

Here's a picture such as Jesus saw. 
Here's the blog where you will find it. You'll also read a wonderful explanation of the analogy.

When Jesus spoke those words, he was giving an analogy. Like the mulitite of fields waiting to be gathered, people are ready and waiting to know about Him.

Some wheat fields will not be harvested. Perhaps the farmer is sick. Maybe weather ruined them. It might be that the equipment broke down. On the other hand, perchance the worker doesn't know how to collect the wheat. Of course, he might be merely lazy.

I think it's the same with followers. Numerous crops will yield new disciples. These new followers are to become farmers to the wheat.

If you are a Christian, what kind of farmer are you?  Which kind am I?

Those white fields can't wait. They need us.

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