Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How's the Makeover Coming Along?

We're talking about getting in shape, you know, body and hair. We'll leave attitude for another day.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), we American women are getting larger.

Duh!  Really?  Seriously?  We needed to hear that from a government agency? They didn't think we already knew that?

According to the CDC, women are .6 inches taller than we were in 1960.  The average height of a woman back in that day was 63.1. Now we've grown to 63.7.

Well, okay, that's not so bad. But the weight change? Now, that's a different story. Today, the "average" 5'3" woman weighs 168.5. Back in 1960, women of that height weighed 140.2.

Would you believe the 140 pounds was considered on the high end of normal on the BMI scale. Today, the "average" woman is measured as overweight on the BMI scale.

So what do we do about this information?

My answer is to petition the CDC and the National Institute for Health. They need to change their numbers. It's too hard for us to change ours!

You'll enjoy my book about Sarah, the whacky angel, who helps Valerie become a thinner person.

Here's a blurb from 
Sarah and the Angelic, Magical Makeover.

With an assignment to give an earthly lady a makeover, Sarah is perplexed. 

How can a dyslexic, low-esteemed, inexperienced, angel accomplish such a mission? 

Boost Valerie’s poise and help the mortal develop a healthy lifestyle? Impossible. 

On the other hand, the Commander gave Sarah permission to use any and all measures to succeed. 

So, this task could be fun. After all, appearing as an earth creature, wearing beautiful clothes—and shoes—especially stilettos, make Sarah’s heart flutter.

Two men present a new challenge. One has nefarious motives, and the other might be an angel. 

Not only does Sarah need to help with Valerie with a makeover, but she must discover which man provides true love. 

Can she do it without making other angels in the heavens roll laugh at her chaotic bumbles? Probably not.

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