Thursday, April 4, 2019

Another Burnt Offering

Smoke filled my kitchen again last night. I didn't realize how bad it was because I was too busy searing the steak.

I'd read the Internet directions for my offering. Take a black, cast iron skillet  and get it smoking hot. Season meat, toss in skillet and turn the steak every thirty seconds. I was doing that when hubby made his way though the smokey fog in the kitchen. "We need to open some doors and windows!"

I looked around and was amazed. Why didn't the smoke alarms sound off? I'm surprised neighbors didn't summon a firetruck. 

The steak turned out well, but that skillet will never be the same.

Sarah, my fictional angel, can't cook worth a flip either. She doesn't need to prepare food in The Heavenlies. Chef Andrew is in charge, but on earth? Well, now, that's a different story. Her escapades in restaurants and kitchens is downright funny.

By the way,  One good thing came from the smoke. I need new smoke alarms. The ones I have don't work. Obviously!


  1. Yikes! Time to change the batteries in our smoke alarms. Thanks for the reminder. :-) Glad the steak turned out well.

  2. Thanks Melissa. I need to buy more alarms.


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