Monday, October 1, 2018

My Cooking Needs Help

I'm featured on Mary Balls blog today. I hope you'll pop over and share a recipe. The winning recipe recieves a free Sarah eBook!

I've never been a good baker. In fact, I'm lousy at it.  Please post a recipe on Mary's blog.  Here's a picture of the bread I tried to bake.

See?  This is just one sample.

In Sarah and the Angelic Magical Makeover, Sarah's friend, Valerie does all the cooking. She learned the hard way that Sarah has no clue when it comes to the kitchen.

Valerie needs a new lifestyle, and Sarah comes along to help her with a fitness schedule, healthy eating, and a makeover. Of course, Sarah brings disastrous results, but she manages to get the job done.

We learn in this book that God loves us just the way we are. He doesn't care about gender, size, or hair. His love is unconditional.

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