Thursday, October 4, 2018

Editors Needed!

Don't you love comical captions? Writers make off-the-wall headlines when we try to be concise.  We also make mistakes in manuscripts, and it's not always our fault. Autocorrect can be the culprit.

I once wrote this sentence for an article. "Her statement was incongurous with her body language."  Autocorrect changed it to: "Her statement was in congress with her body language."

I'm sure Autocorrect changed it because I misspelled inconguruous.

I changed the sentence to: "Her statment was odd with her boby language."

Those poor grandparents in this headline! I wonder how they got cooked? Boiled? Fried? Baked? How bad did they taste?

How in the world did the original Bible authors write so well without editors, authocorrect, or a computer?  They didn't even have an old-fashioned typewriter!

We find no printing errors in the Scripture, but of course, translators may have corrected a weird phrase or two.

The Holy Word tells us about human life in its raw form. The writer didn't mince words about a lot of events. Some are funny, others are odd, some are down-right bizarre. I was reading in Genesis the other day about Tamar. She dressed as a prostitute and got pregnant by her father-in-law. On purpose! Can you imagine?

Now, that's a YUK story.  Talk about a woman doing what she had to do. You've heard it said, "Grin and bare it?" I doubt she did that. She probably grimaced when she bared it. You'll find the true tale in Genesis 38:1-10. 

Tamar had twins, one of them was named Perez, and he became the ancestor of King David.

God has a sense of humor, doesn't He?

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