Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Eyes Are Watching


I love books. I write books. 

Someone asked me yesterday what I do for fun. I replied, "Bungie jumping and sky diving."

I was kidding. No way would I try those adventurous things. My granddaughter does, and I often wonder whose DNA she inherited.

My hobby is reading. I treat myself to a cup of hot tea, an easy chair, and a book when night rolls around. 

I read a lot of eBooks now, but I prefer the real thing. I buy books, but the library is only three miles away. I like that. If I check out a book, don't like it, I can return it with no problem. And it didn't cost me money.

I worry about books.

What if they go away? What if libraries cease to exist?

I write fantasy and science fiction. My books are happy and never far out, but I read books that are. In 1949, when George Orwell penned the novel, 1984, the book was considered "far out."

Well, Big Brother is here. I use Google for my blog, and Google knows stuff about me I don't know. Weird, huh?

What if someday, the big eyes that watch us don't want us to read anything but their propaganda? What if they destroy our books? What if free thought is prohibited?

I suppose we'd have to return to the ancient storyteller. Before the written page, people handed down stories to the next generation, and sometimes, out of fear, the stories were whispered.

Love your books. Never take them for granted.

But read a happy one today.  Here's a suggestion. You can choose eBook or print. And you'll laugh at Sarah's antics.

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