Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ghosts and Goblins

It's that time of year when kids and adults dress in costume.

This ancient ritual began around the 16th century in Ireland.

All those centuries ago, residents on the Green Isle disguised themselves and went to neighbor's houses. They recited songs or poems in exchange for food. Some were poor, and this became an acceptable way to get cakes and fruit.

Most folks during those days believed that spirits came out of the graves on All Hallows’ Eve. These wispy, scary spirits would seek vengeance on people who had wronged them. 

The live people dressed as the departed in an effort to thwart off evil from the bygone person. People gave treats to keep the evil from their doorstep.

 Wouldn't it be really awful if all the people we'd wronged in our life came back to haunt us once a year? As Christians, we know that doesn't happen. But they beleived it back then. Perhaps some still do.

I dressed as a witch one Halloween but will never do it again. I put on a long, black dress, a black hat, and blacked my eyes to look like a raccoon. When a kiddo rang the bell, I started screeching and opened the door. I continued to cackle as I gave out candy.

I scared those sweet little folks so badly that it wasn't fun. For me or them.

For years, everytime those children passed our house, they'd say, "That's where the witch lives."

I was too convinicing.

I'd rather influence all ages for good than for evil, and I want to be known as a Christian, not a witch.

If I were to choose a costume ever again, I'd appear as an angel. I write about an angel who is a sweet, little, helpful spirit sent to help humans. Her name is Sarah.

When people pass your house, what goes through their minds?  Do they say, "A cranky, mean old lady lives there." Or do they announce, "A sweet, kind woman lives in that house."

Enjoy your Halloween, but remember to model yourself after the Spirit of Christ.  Evil has enough personification in this world.

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