Monday, October 15, 2018

Compliments: Need Them?

My hubby, back in the day, was an extraordinary shortstop. He also played outstanding basketball.

Guys and gals reach an age where we can no longer play sports, even for fun, and hubby is there now, but he watches them 24/7. Drives me crazy. I like to catch  a number of games, but not as many as him.

I was following him out of a building the other day and I said, "You're looking good, and I can tell you are an athlete by the way you walk. Can you tell I was a runway model by the way I walk?" 

He cracked up. He knew I was kidding about being a model. I think one must be extra tall, like very tall, and skinny to be a model, I'm 5'5'' and never have been on  a runway in my life. 

However, the point is this: I gave him a compliment and hoped for one in return.  

Do you ever do that?

Compliments are a way to encourage another person.

But they need to be real. Fake ones won't do. Artificial misses the mark.

Did you know God enjoys compliments? Yep! It's called praise.

We thank Him often, and that's a form of praise, but why not tell him something like this: 
"You are awesome." 
"There is none like You."
"You expressed that very well." 
"You are a magnificant artist."
"You did a great job."
"I appreciate your mercy."
"I'd like to introduce you to everyone I meet. 
You're such a good friend."

Give Him the kinds of compliments you'd like to hear someone say to you.

You smile and feel good when you receive a compliment, right? Can you imagaine the pleasure He takes in one?

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