Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mark Twain said

When I was younger, I could remember anthing, whether it happened or not. -Mark Twain

Writers make up stuff. Twain was a humorist/speaker/writer. Perhaps some of the stuff he told us about came from his imagination, but then again, maybe he told us about real life happenings and claimed it happened when it didn't.

Huh?  Confusing, right? Recollections can mislead us.  We can convince ourselves of truth that isn't truth.

As we age, we tend to misremember events, forget people, and wipe sins from our minds. Most of us experience this problem.  You run across an old friend and your mind scrambles to come up with a name.

Old age is a socially acceptabe excuse to call frineds by the wrong name. And if you can't remember the name, it's permissable to make up one.  

I know a lady who calls everyone "stranger." She'll say, "Hi, stranger, it's been a long time." They think she's merely being friendly and affectionate. Truth be told, she can't remember their name.

Now, here's a helpful, positive detail.

God remembers to forget. ON PURPOSE! He doesn't recall all our nasty details. He forgives sin and forgets about it. Because He chooses to do so.

Now, how about this.

God remembers us and loves us. ALWAYS! He forgets our sinful nature, but remembers us. There may come a time when we forget our own name, but God won't. He always remembers. We will never be a stranger to Him.

Comforting, right?

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