Monday, November 5, 2018

Stressed? Squeeze a Ball

While sitting in the administrator's office of an assisted living facility, I found a stress ball located on her desk. I picked it up and began squeezing.

Wow! I squashed the thing with all my might and couldn't believe how good it made me feel to crush something.

I kept squeezing the little thing for all I was worth. Over and over again, I attacked the palm-sized giant. The cute little ball never complained or argued back. This tiny Goliath never changed its structure, never attacked me or hurt me, and it remained the same throughout the ordeal I gave him.

After I finished my business with the admistrator, I gave back her helpful toy, but I decided I need one. After a successful search, I now have my own.

Are you stressed because of circumstances beyond your control? Do you grow weary of political animosity? How about a daily routine that pulls you deeper into a trench?

God expects us to excercise self-control in whatever life throws at us. Oh my!  Dear Lord, help us with that. 

What's that You say? You gave us Your Word and prayer for daily living? You gave us an example in your Son?  Yes! Thank you, but what else can we do to help You assist us? Science says physiscal exercise a walk or a jog. Wait a minute! Some of us humans have legitimate exxcuses as to why we can't exercise. Then what do we do with emotions that tear our bodies and minds down?

Coping is difficult, right?

God helps us through tough times in various ways, and occasionally, He gives us something odd to help with temper, frustration and depression. Like a small, rubber, bouncy ball. Others use a small, round prayer rock. A stone to keep in their pocket to remind them to pray.

I'm keeping my bouncy ball handy. If frustration gets the better of me and I throw it at someone, the rubber ball will do less damage that a prayer rock.

Maybe I'll give my fictional angel a stress ball. Nah. Probably not a good idea. She'd drop it from the sky onto some earthling's head. My Sarah, she's such an accident in the making, but she makes me laugh, and that's as good as a stress ball.

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