Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Abe and Martin

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to visit Kentucky, the birth place of Abraham Lincoln. The state is beautiful and full of historical significance. I'll tell you a bit about my adventure in days to come, but I saw this quote and wanted to share it.

Isn't Abraham Lincoln's statement an optimistic one?

Most Americans want our nation to be the best hope of earth, too. The sad thing is this: America is almost as divided now as it was in Abraham Lincoln's era.  Today, as in Abe's time, groups hold different ideas about how to make Lincoln's dream come true. 

Another great man, Martin Luther King, dreamed about racial equality and peace in America. Wouldn't it be ideal if the Lincoln and Martin aspirations were reality? 

Both men knew forgiveness and love were the keys to America's success. I feel certain they both prayed for that. During their time, they had no idea America would experience a 9/11.

Yesterday was a day Americans remember the terror attack on our country, but it seems patriotism, for a large number, has fallen from favor. Why? My guess is the hatred one party has for another as well as the growing racial divide. Two things Abe and Martin stood against. 

Patriotism is one expression all Americans should share.

Why can't we return to the dreams of Abe and Martin? 

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