Sunday, September 23, 2018

Cover Up

Do you need a little bit of cover even on the hottest of night?

I do.

I need heavy cover or I can't sleep.  I might throw it off in the wee hours until I cool down, but then I grab it and put in right back on.

Perhaps this unnecessary phobia stems from my childhood. My Mom loved telling Peeping Tom stories.  We had no air conditioner, so widows were kept open. It was possible for anyone on the outside to look at you as you slept on the inside.

Why were these people called Peeping Toms?  Who knows? My guess is that the police caught a guy gazing into a window and discovered his name was Tom.

My windows are closed these days, but I still need the cover. A lot of it.  Hubby burns up next to me.

But he's also used to waking and finding odd things on top of me. Maybe it's an extra towel. Perhaps a pillow. But then again, he might see something really big. Like a sofa.

Do we relate? You got funny sleep habits to share?

  1. Faith and Humor
Good morning! I wrote this post last night when I couldn't sleep. I couldn't see either...typed it without glasses.  Boy! Did I find typos this morning. I think I corrected them all. Did you find any?  How did you sleep? Did you cover up? 

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