Saturday, September 1, 2018

Christian Book Sale

Who doesn't like free stuff?

How about book discounts?

Join author Gay N. Lewis in our #PelicanBookGiveaway. A bonanza of .99cent books including Mattie's Choice and 400.00 worth of amazing gifts. Enter to win. No purchase necessary. And browse our #ChristianBookBonanza! 

I've already bought enough of these 99 cent books to keep me reading for months. Why not? At .99, you can afford several. If you start reading one, don't like, it, no big deal. Just go to the next one.  When I go through the line at a big buffet, I select a bit of everything and place the dish on my plate. That way I can taste all the dishes. It's a great way to discover new treats. 

Here's the link again, don't miss it.  This is a great chance to read Mattie's Choice at a discount.

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