Friday, September 14, 2018

Save Money Right Now

Hi everyone,

I wanted you to know my publisher has dropped the eBook price on Mattie's Choice from $4.99 to .99. It will be on sale for a few more days.  Mattie's Choice is a historical novel. Whew! Talk about research. I did a lot of it.  Mattie's Choice is not like my Sarah books. Sarah stories are happy and humorous.  Mattie's Choice deals with husband and wife relationships. Jesse, Mattie's husband, is a control freak.  Back in 1925, women were expected to live with emotional and physical abuse, and unfortunately, some expect women to live with it today. I wrote this book with the idea of helping the present day woman with such unhappy circumstances.

Please consider getting it. Read it, and suggest it to someone who might be in pain.  I'd appreciate it.

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