Saturday, August 25, 2018

Weird Laws in Texas

Have you ever wanted to shoot a buffalo from the upper story of a hotel?  Don't do it! Texas law prohibits it. You must be on street level.

Hmmm....Perhaps the sheriff feared you'd miss and hit a pedestrian. 

Do you like to dust? It's against the law in Texas to dust the outside of a building with a feather duster.

I guess it's okay to use a simple cloth or maybe a mop.  

Here's another weird law. In Texas, criminals are supposed to give victims 24 hour notice of what they plan to do or steal.

Yep, great law. It's a good idea to notify victim.  Give 'em time to call the police. 

Texas has weird laws, right? What a hoot! I know Someone whose laws are reasonable.

God's Ten Laws aren't strange or bizarre. They are a guide for every day living. A mere ten, not hundreds, and yet we can't keep them.

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