Friday, March 31, 2023

Biscuits, Fried Fish, and Red Hats


I decided to chat via blog today instead of YouTube.  I'm still learning technology. Why do I find it so hard?

A bit of winter lingers in some parts of the country, but down here in Texas, we are at 84 degrees today.  It’s also windy. I see where some in the southeast are getting hit hard with spring storms. Winter wants to hang on for a bit. I dread the unbearable heat, and it is coming.

We went to lunch earlier and ordered fried catfish. I ate enough for two meals, so I doubt I’ll eat much for dinner.  I’m not fond of cooking, so devouring enough to satisfy for the day’s duration a good thing.

I usually cook breakfast. It’s the only meal I don’t mind l preparing. There’s not much chopping involved. Not much planning either.  This morning I made biscuits, gray with sausage and fried eggs.

That reminds me. We watched a TV special the other day, and young people in England were trying biscuits and gravy for the first time, and they were reluctant to taste them. After a bite, they said, “they look like scones and the sauce tastes good.”  I’m sure there are dishes in the UK. I don't want to try Blood Pudding.  That sounds gruesome.  It’s made with pig’s blood.  Yuck. I'm sure many enjoy it.

Did you know some crazy folks in Washington D.C. think we should do away with eating beef, pork or poultry and eat insects instead?  They think it will help with climate change.  I don’t want to eat Blood Pudding or bugs. No thanks.

We had a preacher friend who was preaching one Sunday. This was back in the day before A/C  was available, so windows were open.  Church windows had no screens at this church. A fly flew into his mouth, and he swallowed it.  He had a quick comeback.  He said, “He was a stranger, and I took him in.”  I think our friend was making a reference to Matthew 25:43. 

We had another preacher friend who was preaching when a light bulb fell from the socket above him. It smacked him on top of his bald head.  Funny things can happen to preachers.  My husband baptized a lady  who wore a wig. When he lowered her under, her wig came off her head and floated away.  I can’t imagine why she thought she could wear a wig while being ducked under water.

I have a friend who was new at being a preacher's wife. She arrived late to a funeral. Her husband was preaching, and she walked to the front of church wearing a red dress and a red hat. Her hubby turned the shade of the dress she wore.

How's your day going?  I hope you are having one filled with peace and health.

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