Thursday, July 18, 2019

First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss? 

What did you feel as you anticipated the lips to yours? Scared? Excited? Nervous? Inexperienced? 

Did you have someone teach you the art of kissing? Maybe you learned at home. Practised on your hand. Watched movies to see how it was done. We all knew one would come our way, but when, where, and with whom was another question.

Does the memory of the first kiss bring excitment to this day?''

A kiss leads to other things.  

The era of the Women's Liberation and Free Love came along in 1975.  It was permissible, even expected to kiss strangers and proceed with whatever came next.

I suppose that still goes today too.  For some, anyway.

In my latest book, Rebecca's hormones rage when she's in the presence of two men. It's free love, if she wants it, she can have sex with either one. How about one on one night, and the other the next night? Try them out? See which one is the best in bed? But she knows love isn't free. Sex isn't always love, nor is it free. Consquences come with an intimate act.

She lives with the secrets of an intimate act. She understand the heartache. 

What to do? She hasn't spoken to God in years, and she doesn't plan on visiting with Him now. Options: She can live a lonely life or she can have one man after another in her bedroom. Either option brings consequences.

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