Wednesday, July 3, 2019

America: A Young country with Growing Pains

July 4, 1776
America Declares Independence.

July 4, 2019
America is 243 years old.

The week of June 6, 2019. 
Pictured above, President Trump in England as he views one of the documents sent to King George III from the colonists.

I'm a patriot.

I make no apologies for loving this country.

I'm a Christian.

I make no apologies for that, either.

I heard on the news this morning that patriotism is at an all-time low in America. How sad.

Why is this? Citizens born in other countries show a sense of pride of their country, even those who come to America continue to love their native land. We currently have people elected to Congress who were born in other countries, and they condemn America. I suppose they wish the good ole US of A to be more like the land they left.

If it was so wonderful, why did they leave it?

What's wrong with loving America?

Sure. We have problems. Arguments. 
Political hatred. Racial issues.

But you don't see people leaving this great land.

Celebrities promised they'd leave if their candidate lost the presidential election, but they're still here.

At 243 years, we're still a young nation.

How will we grow up?

What changes will take place?

Well, here we are, forty-three years later. Now we can look back and remember events.  Most of us can recall where we were when these events happened. The young who don't know about them should look them up.

Oil spills.
Iran released 52 hostages.
Race riots.
Space shuttle Challenger explosion, killing all on board.
World Trade Center bombed.
Iran-Iraq Wars
First black president elected, Barack Obama.
Congress passed the Affordable Care Act.
First non-politician elected, Donald Trump.

Incidents that shaped history. Some of these occasions affected each of us, other times we had private game-changers. What personal events shaped your life? Do you have family secrets? Will they interfere with your future?

Family Secrets, my latest book, comes out in two weeks. It's set in 1975 in Dallas, Texas. I was a big Dallas Cowboy fan back in that day, and I included a bit about the bi-centennial celebrations in the book. Marshall and Rebecca, two characters in the story wonder what the next forty years will bring to them.

 Family Secrets, due out in July.

"Shhhh. Don't tell."

Here's an excerpt.

Since we're celebrating Ameria's birthday, I'm choosing a portion where the 1976 theme is discussed. 

"Two-hundred Years, and Just a Baby."

Rebecca had missed seeing the game due to her schedule, and Marshall hadn’t seen much of it because of the evening church service. They’d both had read accounts in the newspaper and heard from others who had seen the game. Eight days had passed since the match between the two popular teams, and the citizens of Dallas continued to analyze their 21 to 17 loss to Pittsburgh. Marshall grew animated when he talked about the four passes Lynn Swann had caught during the competition. He shrugged in disbelief. “Imagine! Four passes for a total of 161 yards in one game! It’s a record! I hear he made a diving catch that was spectacular! And he wasn’t even supposed to play. We all thought he would be eliminated from the game because he was recovering from a concussion, and the guy won the most valuable player award! Unbelievable! The man has unusual determination and ability. He’s an artist with a football. I wish he played for our side.”

Rebecca nodded. “I heard about it at the hospital. Staubach played an outstanding game, but he got sacked seven times, and yet he still managed to complete 15 out of 24 passes.

“I thought it fitting for each player to wear a bi-centennial patch on their jersey, and I considered the half-time tribute to America’s two hundredth birthday appropriate. I was proud of the half-time performances. The program’s tribute was profound: ‘Two Hundred Years, and Just a Baby.’ It is hard to believe our country is only two hundred years old and we have accomplished so much as a nation.”

Marshall's eyes grew large with awe. “God has truly blessed America in a short period of time. I doubt America would’ve received this large measure of God’s grace if our forefathers had not placed so much importance on God and His precepts.”

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