Sunday, July 7, 2019

Do You Have Secrets? I Do.

coming July 12, 2019

Two men vie for Rebecca's love.  Marshall discovers Rebecca as she grieves in a public place.   Her charm draws him with magnetic force.  Sam and his precocious daughter gain her admiration when they meet her in the apartment complex, but Rebecca's secrets prohibit her from relationships. Her past mortifies her.  No man would wants her if she revealed her hidden mysteries.  In her panic, she rushes to escape both men, but what of the sweet child?  Her desire pulls her one way, and secrets tug another.

FAMILY SECRETS, set in Texas, year 1975 is a faith-based, historical, romance. What are the secrets?  Which man will win her hand?  Is it possible for Rebecca to forgive and reunite with her estranged family?  Is Marshall capable of forgiving the intoxicated man who killed his wife and baby?  Will Sam forgive himself for drug abuse and find someone to mother his child?

Here's an excerpt. Rebecca has managed to keep Sam from knowing about Marshall, but Sam shows up unexpectedly and finds Rebecca with Marshall.


She stormed from the dining room before either man could get to his feet.
Marshall widened his eyes as Rebecca spun off. He turned to Sam. "That went well."
Sam grinned. "We deserved it."
Marshall nodded. "Have you ever been told off in such a charming fashion?"
Sam shook his head. "Nope, have you?"
"I can't say I have." Marshall guffawed. 
Sam joined him.

My latest book, Family Secrets, is one of my favorites!  I've written over a dozen books, but this one has my heart. Do I say that about all of them?  Maybe, but I really do like this one. Like Rebecca, I'm in love with Marshall and Sam. And KC, the sweet, funny child? How could I now love her?

Family Secrets will be available on Amazon July 12. Please buy, read, and review. I hope you enjoy my characters as much as I do.

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