Monday, May 20, 2019

Was Noah Crazy?

Old Noah lectured for 120 years. He preached the same sermon over-and-over. "It's gonna rain. Repend of your sins. Join me in faith. Get on the arc and live. Otherwise, you'll drown and die."

"Nope," they said. "Look at that crazy old fool. Water has never come down from the heavens. It's always come up from the earth. We can't drown in dew. Not enough of it. Silly man."

They didn't believe.

Uh-oh.  Bad news.

They died.

Drowned in the big water.

Just like Preacher Noah said they would.

Without faith, we don't please God. 

These days, in the Bible, God tells us the same thing. Repent, and believe in my only begotten Son and you will have eternal life.

Simple plan.
Yet many don't believe it.

Remember this! 

This is imporatant! 
If you miss the cross, you miss the boat.

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