Thursday, May 2, 2019

Some Have Fast Working Metabolisms and Some Don't.


We can't change our height, well, with heels we can, but that's the only way I know. 

Changing body weight is another thing.  We can work on that.

Here I am with two long-time friends. Neither one of them diet. Never have. They do work out.

My taller friend in the middle, recently quit working out so much. She needed to gain weight. She's 5'9" and hopes to keep her weight at 125. She's happy she gained UP to that amount.

The Shorter friend is 5'2" and she has never one time had to cut calories. She's been that size since we met. So has the taller friend.

Me? I'm 5'5" or 5'.5" when I stretch. I've counted calories for years. My freinds have seen me thinner.

My mom had one of those fast metabolisms too. She ate Bluebell ice cream every afternoon. She didn't excercise, and she ate a lot of food to weigh 99 pounds.

If you're one of those fortunate ones whose weight isn't an issue, count your blessings.

Many of us feel we need a makeover.  Even when we don't need one, we sometimes think we do. Body. Mind. Spirit. Attitude. Hair. Makeup. We should maintain our best, right?

Have you read Sarah's funny bungles as she helps Valorie? Sarah tries so hard. She means well, but my goodness!  She's a mess. Sarah is an angel on an earthly mission, and she knows nothing about makeovers and diets. She doesn't those things in The Heavenlies where she lives.

You'll like her trials and tribulations in the gym. Maybe relate to them, too.

See you at the gym~

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