Friday, May 3, 2019

Here's Sarah

Blurb: Sarah and the Angelic Magical Makeover
By Gay N. Lewis

How can a dyslexic, low-esteemed, inexperienced angel help

Valerie, an insecure, overweight woman with a poor image of 

herself? To complicate matters, two men present themselves 

as possible mates for Valerie, but only one is the real deal. 

Can Sarah achieve a makeover while discovering the true 

love for Valerie?

Available in eBook or print. Amazon and Online bookstores.

Here's a bit from the book.

Oops! Hold it. Once she completed the makeover, the wrong man might win Valerie’s heart. Sarah needed to guide the female to the correct guy. Poopty doopty. How would she know which dude was the proper one? As usual, the Superiors left out information. Bummer. She’d welcome a little help now and then. A super important part of this assignment was left to her, and how on earth could she determine who was Mr. Wrong, or who was Mr. Right? Check his heartbeat? Measure his overbite? Give him an IQ test?
 Finding the intended guy could turn out daunting. You’d think the Superiors would give clues, but oh no, nothing doing. Nope—not them—never a single inkling—seemed against their policy to give hints. If she asked for pointers, they’d remind her angels and mortals had choices and then they’d go over that freewill stuff again as if she’d never heard it before.
Rumble. Rumble. Thunder rolled from the clouds to her ears.
“Sorry. I know I’m not supposed to criticize. It’s another bad habit of mine.” Sarah sighed and plopped down on the roof to study her charge. Looking through the roof, she saw Valerie.
My stars! The poor thing had voluminous hair sticking out in all directions. How did a female human tame hair? Valerie’s red, frizzy mane needed restyled. Maybe she could talk her charge into going to one of those hair places. Valerie needed a professional, and it wasn’t Sarah.

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