Saturday, May 25, 2019

Flour Cake or Flower Cake

See this beautiful cake?

I didn't bake it, but I'd love to eat a slice and share it with all of you. A fresh cup of coffee to go along with it.

The one I made last night is headed for the trash.

It didn't look like this one.

It didn't taste like this one, either.  Ugh. Not good.

Gay's Glorious Goodness was more like Gay's Gritty Garbage.

And get was a box cake!!!!!!

How can one go wrong with a box cake? I even telephoned Pillsbury this morning to tell them this is the worst mix that ever came in a box. They advertised on the box that the mix was free of artificial intgredients.

It's also free of taste. Like flavorless.

The box said "customize your cake with flavoring." They suggested several. Almond Extract was one.

My word!  

They knew a lot was missing, so they told us up front. I can't accuse them of false advertising.

They need to add sugar, too.

And maybe go back to stuffing the box with artificial stuff.

This cake was not worth the calories.

Here's a picture. It even had peaks and valleys. I followed directions. I promise.  The flavorless cake was so bad, I poked holes in it and added a sugary glaze.  Didn't help.

I have a lot of kitchen catastrophes. I'll chalk this up as another.

Sarah can't cook either. Have you read any of my books where this little angel tries her hand in the kitchen?  She gets her cooking skills from me.

Here's one of my favorties.  This is a laugh-out-loud funny book.

Print or Ebook.

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