Sunday, November 25, 2018

Gone is Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving of 2018 is now in the history books. Our turkey was pardoned, but we didn't spare the pig.

How was it for you? 

Here in our house, it was on the quiet side. We had two of our three daughters present, along with one nice guy who dates the middle daughter.

I decorated the house for Thanksgiving, but minimized the meal. Who needs all those leftovers? Why throw out food? No one in my house needs extra weight. We had treats in a limited amount. So guess what? We weren't stuffed with overeating and guilt this year.

After the meal, we watched the Coyboys beat the Redskins. Well, at least the family did. I sort of watched as I read a book. I like multi-tasking.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, my attention turns to Christmas.

Thanksgiving and Christmas come too close together, at least in my opinion. There's too much work to do and an enormous amount of expense involved for these holidays. Not that one must decorate to the hilt, or spend to the max, but most of us feel pressured to do so. 

Hubby and I are determined to cut back this year, like we did for Thanksgiving. Well, actually, he is more resolute about it than I am. He isn't engineering outside Christmas decorations for the upcoming holiday, but I'm bedecking inside.

What good and kind events do you have planned? 

We have a few things on the calendar already.

We've invited a group of residents at an assisted living facility to trek out to Fulshear and tour our neighborhood. As I said, we aren't going to light up our yard, but just about everyone else will. The residents will enjoy a tour, and afterwards, we'll all troop into our kitchen for cookies, eggnog, and punch.

I'll play the piano for a group at a nursing facility. I don't pound all the correct keys, and my Christmas carols can sound a bit like a nightmare, but those sweet, little folks don't mind. They like music...even mine! 

My advice for the season is to slow down and enjoy what you can do for others.

Make someone smile.

That's what the season is about. Right?

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