Thursday, November 15, 2018

Are You a Mess?

Most of us go thorough days where we consider ourselves inadequate, or not smart enough. "If only I had more education."

Perhaps we feel stupid. "Why did I make that unwise decision?"

Do you ever feel crazy, lazy, unloved, freiendless, unhelpable?

And the list goes on.

We browbeat ourselves with the mess we've made of our lives. Most of us do anyway. I suppose a narcisstic person doesn't feel he/she is a mess, but if you're delusional about how great you are, you're a mess and don't know it.

So here's the deal.  None of us are perfect. Sometimes we are born with a challenge, othertimes, we give ourselves one. But God can fix messes.  He mends our marred condition.

I know this to be true. He's in the process of fixing me.

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