Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Red, Green, Blue Christmas

Sarah helps Beth Marsh in this book. Beth is a rich, Houston widow. She never planned a romance, but now men want her. Or do they want her money? Sarah comes to earh to help. And Boy! Does she hinder! This is Sarah's third mission to earth and she has so much to learn about the angel business.  Beth and her boyfriends are in for a wild adventure. 

Sarah is a little more experienced when she visits earth on this Christmas, but she's still a disaster in the making. Emily, a Dallasite, gets dumped by her boyfriend and sets out to go home to Austin. When her car is stranded, Sarah, appearing as a ninety-year old woman, Estella, helps her find a cowboy to take her into his Texas Hill Country ranch. Masquerading as a mortal becomes a challenge for Sarah, and the mishaps are hillarious.

Fast forward to 2018. Sarah returns with an unusual mission. She must help Nick Claus find a wife. Sarah follows Nick from coast to coast as he attempts to find a wife and a new location for the Santa business. Sarah returns in her disguise as Estella to get the job done.

Blurb -

Nick Claus, the single son of Santa, hates cold weather. He must marry, find a southern location for the family business, and relocate the North Pole operation—all within a year! Haphazard Sarah, the bumbling angel, follows Nick from California to Florida, but discovers no mate. Can Sarah find one for Nick in Texas? Will Texas become the new North Pole?

Here's a five star review: 

I am a "Sarah" fan and this is by far my favorite, and not just because one of the main characters and I share the same name. They keep getting better and better, but each is a delight. Lewis brings out deep theological truths wrapped in a sweet and funny way through the antics of her character, Sarah. The theme of finding Mrs Claus is not new but this one is uniquely refreshing. --Julie C

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