Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Small. Large. Cathedrals. City. Country

I love churches and I collect them, and I own many replicas. Some are birdhouses, others are Christmas ornaments, a few are knickknacks scattered about my house.

Our little country church used to look like this. Traditional. I loved the steeple. Steeples were put on churches so that people could find the location and attend. Steeples pointed the way to God. Alas. The steeple is gone now.

We had a traditional setting, but it began to change. I wish I could say our church was changing to meet the needs of the time, and that's true. Sort of.

Many of our sweet congregation have gone to their eternal home and it became necessary to sell our buildings and land. The new church that bought our facilities  remodeled the facilities. We continue to meet in their accommodations that were once ours, but boy! Is there a difference. 

We move our traditional furniture each Sunday to a platform that is draped in black.

Here we are on a Sunday morning.

When the new church meets, they use the black background for strobe lights and smoke machines. They change the look for their worship. 

Here they are

These two churches meeting in the same facility at different times and each has a unique styles of worship. 

It doesn't look like the same place, does it? It's amazing. Seriously. They are super talented with technology. Visual aids lend themselves to illustrating a sermon topic. 

Isn't it wonderful how God uses distinctive types of reverence to make Himself known to us?

Which do you prefer? Traditional? Small? Mega? 

The important thing is to find the place that suits you.

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