Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Silly Questions and Crazy Answers

Conversation between a visitor and guide at Yellowstone National Park.

First time female visitor: "Where did all those big rocks come from?
Guide: "The glaciers brought them down.
Visitor: "I don't see the glaciers. Where are they?"
The weary guide replied, "They went back for more rocks."

I hope the young lady took the guides remark in stride and laughed.  

I'm a curious person and I know some of my questions have offended my listener. 

One person took my inquiry wrong and didn't speak to me for weeks. I didn't know until much later how my question was internalized.  By the way, she interpreted it all wrong. I asked  about one thing, she took the question to mean something else.

No doubt I've had times when I appeared uninformed with my question. 

On other occasions, I must have sounded loony.

Sometimes my questions entertained listeners.

My point to all this?

Ask questions anyway. Curiosity teaches, and who knows? Maybe the responses and reactions you receive will show up in your next book.

Wouldn't you love to know which one of my books has a scene where a friend misunderstands a question and causes a ruckus?  If you find it, let me know. 

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