Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Gift of Time

This Little Light Of Mine.
I'm gonna let it shine

Remember that sweet, pint sized ditty we sang as kids? 
It was and is a jaunty tune to sing.

     Later today, I'll be teaching about kindness in my Bible study class. I'm calling the lesson, "Shining our lights of generosity."

In today's lesson, we'll discover King David's generosity to Saul's crippled grandson. After we examine this Bible story, we'll find ways to apply it to our lives.

     Donating money to a charity organization is honorable. The dollars help meet the needs of others. Giving to individuals is worthy too.

     Contributing a check is relatively easy. It's also a quick way to ease our conscience. Even if the amount is small and reduces our guilt, it's still a gift. We allocate the best we can with what we have.

     Often we give and then forget why we gave.  That's OK. Needs are met, and those who receive the gift appreciate our generosity. In our defense, we may give money because our time is limited.

     This past week, two friends went with me to an assisted living facility. The residents are sweethearts and they appreciate the TLC anyone shows to them.  We applied makeup to faces and then took pictures of them wearing silly glasses. They loved it. We spent the entire day playing with makeup and crazy gadgets. In other words, we gave them no money. We gave them time.

     Another friend goes to this same assisted living place and simply sits in the afternoon on the porch with the rocking chair residents. She'll say something like, "tell my about your first pet." Many of these residents have limited memories but most remember their pet and they love to talk about their dog or cat. Sometimes she'll ask, "how did you meet your husband?" That question gets a big response too. She gives a gift of time.
     I carry a hymn book in my car. I've stopped at nursing homes, entered unannounced, and started playing their piano or keyboard. You'd be amazed at how many of the residents gathered to listen, sing, or request a song.   In two weeks, I'll return to the assisted living place where we played makeover. I'll give them the pictures I took, and I'll play the keyboard and sing.   One of the residents wants me to visit in her room. She has it adorned with pictures of Elvis. I'll enjoy talking to her about my favorite performer. A gift of time.

Our little lights may be small. They may be burning low, but we can let them shine. 

A gift of light brightens gloomy days for many people.

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