Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hot Times in Houston.

Remember those snow days in Houston?

We had an unusual winter in 2018 with two snow days. 
The wet, white stuff doesn't last long. 
Two hours max and it was gone.  It was nice while we had it.

Now look at the outside temp today, May 31, 2018

We're having a hot time in the old HTown tonight.

The Astros won.
Their bats were hot.

I went to bed. Couldn't sleep. 
It was hot.

Hubby went to the bank today to take care of church business. Several people on the former approved list who take care of bank business are no longer with us. The officials said one of them had to be present to verify the two new names being added.

Hubby said, "Well, since they have all died, you'll have to call either heaven or hell to get them back up here. I'm pretty sure they all in heaven, but if you get a no answer, try the hot place."

Hahahaha. He got his hot point across.

Did you ever see that old move, 
"Some Like It Hot?"

Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon
played in a comedy, but the movie had nothing to do with the outside temperature.

We use the expression hot and cool interchangeable at times.

The lady is hot.
The lady is cool.

Both expressions intend to convey a like for the lady.

God wants us to be on fire for Him.

He doesn't care for cold snowy people, cool, or lukewarm followers.

He likes fired up servants.

Are we winter or summer disciples?

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