Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Going Nowhere

I pass this lane to nowhere daily. The land is beautiful, the gate ornamental, the fence lovely, and the bleached path is an eye catcher.   But why is it there? I never see anyone on this path. The gates are always locked. No cattle roam behind it. The lane goes a few feet and literally stops.

It's a scenic wonder.

Pretty with no purpose.  At least none that I can see.

It cost the builder a large amount of money to construct.

I see so many possibilities that could exist behind the gate.

A beautiful home.

A cemetery. 

A tranquil, bicycle park.

A grand entrance to a ranch with horses or other animals.

The lane is too narrow for a car. What did the builder have in mind? Is he finished?  This spot has looked this way for years. Someone keeps it mowed. It looks inviting, but strangers can't get inside.

Are our lives like this?  God constructs us to be beautiful and gives us a path to follow. Do we take the path, or let it remain a lane going to nowhere? We work a little to keep the grass mowed, but we don't serve in other capacities? 

Like the path, our lives are short. Let's endeavor to build a longer path that leads to heaven. Let's bring many with us.

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