Friday, May 4, 2018

Eve's Lessons

Way down south, here in Fulshear, Texas, it's gonna be warm. We won't have as much humidity as yesterday, but hey, we're 30 miles west of Houston. HTown is always muggy. If you are driving east to Houston from here, you can't tell when one town ends and another begins. I usually tell strangers I live in Houston. Most don't know where Fulshear is, but they know Houston.

Fulshear once was a small, country town. It's not anymore.  Things change, don't they?

Speaking of change, you never know what a day will bring, and often there's no way to prepare for it. when I see an ambulance driving hot, I pray.

Someone's life is changing as it goes by.

I've been writing about Eve. You know the one, Adam's wife?

We discovered two things about her in my previous posts. She talked too much and ate too much.

Now let's talk about clothes.

After she discovered she wasn't wearing any, she gathered fig leaves to make a dress. You'd have thought talking and eating too much would have been a lesson for her. Oops! Not so.

Well, the fig leaf experience caused her to learn several more lessons. 

1. You can't cover sin with fig leaves.

2. In the cool of the evening, fig leaves didn't provide enough warmth. Imagine Eve arguing with Adam. I can hear her now. "I sewed these fig leaves together, now quit hogging the cover."

3. When God asked her how she knew she didn't have clothes, she blamed someone else. Big mistake. She had no idea what childbirth pains were like, but she'd soon know.

Now here's an interesting tidbit. In spite of Eve's shifty ways, God provided her with a brand-new fur coat.

Even when we don't do right, God provides. He knows the changes are coming and He's prepared for them.

I doubt the animal who gave the fur coat felt gratitude for providing his sacrifice, but Eve did.

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