Monday, January 22, 2018

Yoga: Yes or No?

Can you turn yourself into a pretzel?

My Yoga instructor can. She's amazing. As she maneuvers her body into an impossible pose, she says, "Go as far as your body lets you."

Since my body won't let me go far, I'm tempted to maneuver myself off the mat and out the door.

I look around me to see how others are doing. A few ladies in my class are almost matching the instructor's pose. A few are somewhat doing the pose, and the rest of us stare at the instructor as if she is an alien from another planet. We glance at each other and shrug.

The calm voice continues. "Stretch both legs in front of you and grasp your feet."

Yeah, right.

I touch the tip of my big toes and stare at them.

I need a mani-pedi.

She continues, "Ease into the earth, let your mind concentrate on your body. Don't think of what you need to do when class ends."

What is she? A mind reader too?

Before we end the torture,  we sit for a few minutes with our index fingers touching our thumbs. This is suppose to keep us aware of our bodies and our senses.

Yeah, right. Good luck with that.

Aww, the part I can do and love the most.

We lie down on our mats and sink into the earth.

What do I hear?

Someone snoring?

Hope it's not me.

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