Monday, January 15, 2018

Libraries: We need them.

Good Morning Friends,

I'd like to go to the library today. Love that place, but they are closed. It's a holiday, MLK Day. So....I"ll go tomorrow. We need libraries. May they never go away.

Unfortunately, I won't find my books there. Once upon a long time ago, the libraries carried my VHS productions, and I'm happy to say they were checked out many times. Travelers bought them too.

My videos aren't there anymore. DVD's have replaced that technology. My books aren't there either. Sigh. 

I could cry, but there are other things more important to cry over. Right? Maybe one day, I'll become famous and all my books will be on library shelves.

In the meantime, how about putting a few of my novels on your shelf?

If you prefer eBooks, my books are available in that format. Some are in audio.

Please, please buy my books. Pretty please with sugar on it.

You can find them online at your favorite bookseller.

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