Sunday, January 28, 2018

Clouds: How do you see them?

A mix of black and grey clouds hovered near the Earth's surface. "Can the plane get off the ground okay? Those billows look scary. What if I don't make it home?" These thoughts raced through my mind as I boarded the aircraft. As the rain pelted down, I chanced a glance toward the heavens. The skies promised bad things.

"The pilot won't take off if he doubts he can make it. He knows what he's doing, where we're going, and how to get us there."  I tried to remove anxieties with this notion. The reassuring flight attendant smiled at me as I fastened the seat belt. While I waited for everyone to take places, I bit my lip and worried.

Uh-oh. The plane began to move.

I gripped the armrests and prayed as the airplane barreled down the runway.

With the aircraft's nose pointed upward, I stared out the window.  Through dark, steely haze.

I could see nothing but vast, scary trouble.

Would this be the only view for the two hour flight? Would we land in a storm? 

Without warning, we broke above the ugly, scary, grey stuff, and the view changed.

The sun was shining after all! Beautiful, blue sky appeared, and below was the sweetest vision of white, fluffy, meringue. Soft mounds of sugared whipped cream.

I reminded myself that my circumstances are similar. At the moment, they appear foreboding, but they can change in a heartbeat. I'll go through the threatening situations and arrive at tranquil, blue skies.

Just as the pilot knew what was above the clouds, God sees what's above me.

On one side, the clouds appear bleak. A short distance above them, they are gorgeous.

How do you see your clouds? From below? Or from above?

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