Saturday, January 13, 2018

Angel: Needed today

Ever have one of those days? 

We had one of those years, and I'd hoped 2018 would be easier. NOT! 

I need an angel.

Our daughter, in assisted living, requires a lot of time, attention, money, and emotional support. I took her to Austin this past week to the dentist for a tooth implant. It's been a long process to get to this point. Several all-day trips to Austin and back. The guy cemented the tooth and said, "all done, no more problems."


This morning, the thing fell out. I guess the little thing didn't like being in its new home. She doesn't talk dirty and brushes often, so why didn't it like the new place?

It's Saturday! Now what? A dentist on Saturday? And the other dentist has been paid. Argh! 

And here's another aggravation.

I signed a new contract!  Yay!  That's good news. Happy news.

Problem?  Well, you know me, I'm not tech savvy. This publisher wants all contracts and forms signed and sent electronically. 

Sigh. Moan. Groan.

I'm excited to have a new contract, and I'll figure it out, but the aggravations of life require patience and I need an angel to give me a shot of the stuff.  I wish Sarah would help!

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