Monday, October 2, 2017

Hello Out There!

Greetings from Fulshear, Texas!

We started off this morning with 72 degrees. We're expected to climb to 85 degrees with no rain in the forecast. We have 94% humidity, so it's gonna feel hotter than the thermometer indicates.

In case you don't know where Fulshear is, we're west of Katy, and Katy is west of Houston. We drive to Katy for most shopping.

Fulshear is a family name. It's pronounced Full Sure. The area was established in July, 1824. Mexico gave a land grant to a guy named Churchill Fulshear. This man was one of Stephen F. Austin's Original Old Three Hundred. His league of land consisted of 4,428 acres. The Fulshear family came to Texas from Tennessee.

What were his parents thinking when they gave their son this big name? Churchill Fulshear. Think about nicknames. Can't you hear some kid yelling, "Hey Churchey, come out and play."  Or maybe, "Hi Hilly, how ya doin'?" 

The guy was wealthy, and wouldn't you know, he proudly named his son after him. Churchill Fulshear Jr. Junior is the one responsible for building the area into a town.  He built a large plantation on the land grant. He also built a three story mansion for his family and he loved racing horses.  Some guys have all the luck, right?

In 1888, Junior granted the railroad the right to pass through his land. Well, duh! But I guess that's what the old boy wanted. This caused people to flock to the area. A school district came along in 1893, and a Methodist church founded in 1884. That church continues to thrive today. 

The town sported saloons and other business. Uh oh! A fire in 1910 destroyed a block of city businesses. That slowed down progress, but eventually people rebuilt.

The population hovered at 250 until Houston began to spread her wings to the west. The 2014 census number about 4300 people. The estimate is about 6,000 today.

If you've read my other blogs, you know we live in Weston Lakes. A city west of Fulshear. Weston Lakes was part of Fulshear until the residents voted to incorporate. We maintain our Fulshear address. It was just easier that way.

So, how are you spending your day? I started out with a walk before dawn. Now I'm talking with you guys. I'm about to start chores. And one of the chores is promoting Mattie's Choice.

The book sold well over the weekend. Have you started the read yet? If not, please do!  Thanks!

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