Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Who Pushes Your Buttons?

I love Mexican food.  Enchiladas are my favorite. I eat too much of this good stuff. Everyone makes them different. I'd like to take the red salsa from one place, green salsa from an additional one, cheese enchiladas from yet a different restaurant, beans and rice from yet another.  Now that would be the perfect dish.

Sarah first tried a Mexican dish in Sarah: A Mission of Love.  She almost choked to death on the first bite, that is if angels could die.  She didn't know what a jalapeno was and ate the whole thing.  Those little peppers are sometimes too hot and spicy even for a Texan. Angels aren't accustomed to hot and spicy. Bites like those come from below. Angels eat angel food.

Sarah is a fun and funny book to read. We need to smile. The world has too much trauma and scary events this day and time. We have too many button pushers in our lives. We need to escape with a happy read. One to make us laugh out loud.

Speaking of pessimism, challenging events, and button pushers. I just had a conversation with my daughter. I reminded her that perfection doesn't exist this side of heaven. Not in food or relationships.

This child of mine will be the only one complaining in heaven when she arrives.

Do you know people like that?

You can stand on your head and make them happy for a few minutes, and then you must find a new game to appease them once more. 

It never ends.

I've had bosses that gave me a headache. So what if you did a good job the button pusher says, "what are you going to do for me now?"

Always pushing the buttons.

Mattie had a husband who pushed her buttons. Everyday! You have someone like that in your life? I guess we all do. For me, my button pusher is a daughter.

Discover how Mattie did it.

In spite of our imperfections and our negativity, God holds us together. We aren't perfect. He is. He does incredible things for us. Things we don't see. Positive stuff. Not negative.  Listen to Louie Gigleo explain laminin.

No, the perfection doesn't exist. Except in God Himself. 

The rest of us down here live with our imperfect button pushers. Of course, we're probably guilty of pushing someone else buttons. Yep! We do. Whose do you push?

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