Thursday, September 30, 2021

Another Lucy Ricardo Moment


I write about a petite, dyslexic angel, Sarah.  Her chaos reminds me of Lucy Ricardo. I get my ideas for Sarah from MY Lucy-life experiences.

Take what happened to me yesterday as an example.

I went to Costco. That store is laid out in a bizarre fashion, and I find it difficult to find my car when I leave the store. I park next to the liquor sign so I have a better chance to find my auto. Like Angel Sarah, I’m dyslexic. Parking near the liquor sign doesn’t always help. As a pastor’s wife, I'm embarrassed when I ask for directions to the liquor part of the store. 

To top that off, I fell once when I stumbled over one of the concrete, parking stops as I looked for the liquor sign. I was carrying packages and didn’t see the block. A man helped me up and we searched for my car. I told him I parked near the liquor section. I said to him, “I’m not drinking.”  He replied, “Yes mam.”

Yesterday, while at Costco, a downpour came. I waited until it slacked and raced to my car. I was proud of myself for finding it. Oops! The door wouldn’t open. I glanced into the front seat. My stuff wasn’t there. I was trying to open a red car like mine. In the meantime, rain was coming down.

I glanced down the aisle. Another red car. Thankfully, it was the correct one. I got in and drove to Hobby Lobby.

It was still raining hard, but there was a picture frame I wanted. I pulled into a spot next to a big SUV. The lady in the driver’s seat had the motor running and was obviously waiting for the rain to end.

I had a pop-up umbrella in the back seat. I reached for it, and finally opened the contrary thing. “Yay!” I said to myself.

I began my trek to the store as the rain pelted my green umbrella. It was in one hand and my purse rested on my shoulder. As I got to the place where cars cross, traffic stopped for me. I nodded to several and waved. When I lifted my foot out of a puddle to continue, the sole of my shoe came off! 

I held up my foot and there it was—the sole of my sandal dangled from my shoe. I smiled at the lady in the first car. She was laughing. I shrugged. How could I get back to my car? I finally made an executive decision and pulled the shoe off. I then hobbled back to my car.

The SUV driver was still waiting. Now she was watching me. She didn’t want me to bang into her vehicle as I get into mine.  I carefully opened my door.

I couldn’t get the green umbrella to close.

I begged the thing to cooperate.  It was stubborn.

I threw the open umbrella into the backseat. “I’ll deal with you later.” I spoke sharply to the thing.

I made it home.

The shoes are now in the trash.

I ordered a picture frame from Amazon.

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  1. It's days like that where I look up towards the heavens and say "Lord, what do you want me to learn from this?" I say that because for some reason, I believe , there has to be "something" there other than just total frustration!!!


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