Sunday, June 14, 2020

You Got Mental Issues?

One statistic says one out of four American are mentally ill. Next time you're in a group of four people, if they all look normal, than you must be the one who's crazy.

Another statistic says mental illness strikes one every 60 seconds. Avoid crowds. Quite a few will suddenly become wacko. Pray it won't be you.

One stressed, mental patient returned to his doctor.
Patient: The liquid medicine doesn't work."
Doctor: "Did you drink it after a hot bath?"
Patient: "No, after I drank the bath, I couldn't get down the medication."

Friend: "I heard you have new meds for your mental illness? How much are you taking for it?
Patient:  "I don't know what will you give me?"

Did you hear about the man who read that wine was bad for mental health? He fixed his mental problem. He gave up reading about it.

Mental illness is not a joking manner, but sometimes we laugh to keep from crying. Dementia, and losing one's mind is a wordless horror. We watch our daughter lose brain functions and it's sad. On the other hand, people with Alzheimers and dementia often do and say funny things.  A man with dementia was asked to pray yesterday. He said, "Lord, don't let us fall into a ditch."  Perhaps his request was expressed in an odd, humorous manner, but the listeners understood. He was saying "Keep us safe."


  1. Actually, its not a laughing matter but a sign of life without a secure faith in a loving God. Yes, hormones can get out of balance butI am amazed how many of our patients list depression and anxiety in their medical history. Its 3 out of the 4.

    1. So true. People with real mental illness suffer big tune, Thanks for sharing this valuable thought. I appreciate it.

  2. My husband got brain damage from a car accident 30 years ago. A good portion of his healing came from helping everyone, including him, to laugh. Thank you for your humorous post and I just accepted your friend request on FB

  3. Hi Carol, I"m pleased to be your new friend, and thanks for your comment.


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