Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Little Church Humor

What is a church?
A Place where you encounter nodding acquaintances.

Two men named Joe Smith lived near each other in the same town. One was a preacher, and the other a businessman. The minister died the same day as the businessman boarded a plane to Florida.  The Joe in Florida sent a message to his wife. Unfortunately, the message was delivered in error to the wife of the deceased minister.  The message read:  Arrived safely. Heat here is hotter than hell.  The minister's wife fainted.

A minister's wife was often called upon to play the piano for services. She wasn't a trained or talented pianist, but she was available. Knowing in advance she'd play for Sunday services, she went to the church to practice. When she finished, she left, but stopped to chat with the gardener. "How was my execution of the hymns?"  The gardener, wanting to be complimentary, replied, "I've never heard anyone kill music better than you." 

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