Saturday, April 4, 2020

Gay's Day in Corona Days

Greetings from Fulshea, Texas. The day is almost over. It's been cool and rainy. I even had the fireplace going.

Do your hands look like this?

We are told to wash them and not touch our faces.  

I'm beginning to think of a red lobster when I look at my hands. 

When Corona leaves, perhaps we will all continue this good habit of hygiene. If so, that will be a good thing.

What other good things can you think of to come from this time?

It's easy to come up with the bad stuff. Corona brought lots of evil. It's everywhere.  Good stuff and blessings? Not so much, but we have some.

God wants our attention. Does He have yours yet? He certainly has mine.  That's a good thing.

Models predict deaths will increase over the next few weeks. That's a major bad thing. 

Where will you spend eternity? Now is the time to think about your future destination. 

As someone once said, "We live in the land of the dying on the way to the land of the living."

Eternity exists. Like a baby leaving the womb and entering into this world, we leave this world to arrive at the next.

Babies don't want to leave the comfort of the womb, but the day comes, and mothers push them out into existence.

And the newborns love their new reality.

Because of Jesus' death on the cross, we can welcome our new reality in His presence when our time comes.

But let's not do it today. 

Corona, go away.

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