Monday, April 13, 2020

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Boy! These Corona days drag on, don't they?

They've merged into one big blob for me. We've missed five Sundays at our church. That's a first, and when this thing ends, I hope it's the last time we miss consecutive weeks.

I've been locked down too long. I'm beginning to do wacky stuff.

I made banana pudding for Easter dessert and forgot to add the bananas. Vanilla is good, right? 

I made banana nut bread with the forgotten bananas. At the last minute, I remembered to add pecans. Whew!

I've washed my hands so much they look like red lobsters. 

I've gone out in public dressed weird.

One rude man giggled when he saw me.

Oh well. Life is like kinda creepy right now. sho' nuff!

I've read a lot of books. Some of them twice. I'm about to read one of my favorites for the fourth time. Aww shucks, it's probably the tenth time. I read it often.  You might like it too. Love Comes Softly by Jeanette Oke.  I like the Hallmark movie, too, but the book is better. Do you read books a second time?

If I like them, I do. I've read William J. Coughlin's In the Presence of Enemies three times. I've read Frank Peretti's book, This Present Darkness too many times to count. In a way, that book inspired my Sarah Series. 

I received a tremendous compliment recently. A reader wrote to me that she was reading my book, Mattie's Choice for the third time!  She said the book made her think about stuff, and she found something new each time she read it.

My publisher, Pelican Book Group, wrote me this morning that due to the virus, Amazon isn't delivering print to stores at the moment, but you can read about Mattie in an eBook.

Leave me a comment about what strange things you are doing. I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings during these Corona Days.  Stay well.


Sarah at Christmas