Friday, March 1, 2019

Zombies, Demons and Devils

Gleanings from the Gospel of Mark, Chapter One

In Chapter one of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus began his ministry  by submitting to baptism. Afterwards, He immediately called four of His disciples. He then  started healing people.

In Chapter 1:21-34, Mark summarizes a few miracles. He tells us Jesus healed many and cast out demons.

From His place in heaven, Jesus continues a healing ministry. Sometimes he cures because we pray, and sometimes he uses doctors. And yet, suffering and the unknown continue to mystify us.

There are too many horrible diseases with unknown remedies, and I pray God directs science to the cures.

Not all ailments had names back in the day of Jesus. Many of them were merely called demons. Science later has identified many of these diseases.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimers, MS, ALS, mental illness are a few that kill daily. These evil invasions to our bodies cause suffering, not only for the patient, but for families as well.

And these horrible virus bugs are demons with names.

They rob the body and mind of health.

Not only can germ killing bugs enter a body, but a literal demonic spirit can take up home in a person.

I know, I know. Some don't believe that, but  minions of Satan exist, and yes they can inhabit a nonbeliever. Never a believer. Christ dwells within the believer, and there's only room for Him.

But Satan can use disease to affect us all.

Join with me in praying:
1.  for science to find cures.
2. Once they are available, we can afford them.
3. Thank God for those working to find them.

I took our daughter to the neurologist last week. She's young and beautiful, and her demenita worsens. The doctor, as kindly as he could, told us there is no cure yet. Science doesn't even know how Alzheimer's comes to us.

Our daughter didn't understand everything he said. Dementia is a robber of memory and cognitive skills, but she replied, "I'm so scared."

4. Pray for peace of mind for those who suffer.

Is Alzheimer and dementia a demon? To me, it is.

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