Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Meet the Mate

I met my mate in church on a Sunday night.  How did you meet yours?

Many couples meet on the Internet these days.  Two of our daughters did, and they are happily married.

My nephew did, and he is over the moon with his marriage.

But then there are the other stories.

I spoke to a man the other day. He said he'd met a young woman via the Internet, and she only lived ten minutes from him. They began dating, even took a trip together. On the extended holiday, he discovered she was a pscho. He ended the relationship as soon as they got back home.

I met another guy last week.  In fact, he's an electrician in our Houston area, and came to our home to fix an issue. You know me. I talk a lot. He said he'd love to have a mate for life, but so far, none had come along for him.

His internet experiences had been a disaster. He carried on a conversation with a lady who lives in west Texas, about ten hours away. He flew out to meet her in person, and she greeted him at the airport. When they got to her car, she instisted he sit in the backseat while the dog sat in the passenger side. Each time they traveled around, she made him sit in the back while the dog sat shotgun.

Oh my.

He said, "That ended it for me. I love my dogs, but I wouldn't let one take first place over my partner, and she said her dogs were the love of her life. She'd always love them more than a man. Even proved it on our first date."

So this guy is still looking and hoping.  I told him to go back to the Internet dating sites. There's a special lady out there, but the weirdos are there, too.

Sarah and the Internet Dating Service is about finding relationships through strangers chatting on a computer.  The only problem?  Sarah doesn't know a thing about computers. Boy! Does she mess things up. She creates havoc and the chaos is quite funny.

It's a humorous book. I know you'll laugh out loud.

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