Saturday, March 16, 2019

Never Met a Man She Didn't like

Will Rogers was a famous humorist from Oklahoma.  He made the statement once, "I never met a man I didn't like."

If you are a romance reader, you'll find many books that should be rated X. The heroines live with Will's thinking and often demonstrate his idea. The ladies never meet a man they don't like, and sometimes the author describes in detail their antics in the bedroom.

Although most of the fictional ladies are not employed in the world's oldest profession, they use their wiles to get ahead in life.

Of course, those stories are in sexy fiction.

I write Christian fiction, and my characters have different outlooks. The ladies are attractive, but modest in their approach to life. They aren't dull. They kiss their fellows and feel passion. That's why they marry and ride off into the sunset for a happy-ever-after.

Have you read any of the Sarah Series?  Sarah is funny, warm, and endearing.  You'll like her.


  1. Indeed. Much of today's fiction seems to be smut-filled and demonstrates the moral decay of this fallen world. Perhaps an "old prude", but when I run across writing like that, the book goes back on the bookstore's shelf. For me, if I brought it home, then I am inviting Satan into my home. I do enough of that with my thoughts and ideas; I don't need help. Thank you for using the gifts God gave you to write clean fiction that can whisk you away to places and times, but doesn't leave you needing to take a bath after reading it. God's blessings...

  2. Thanks Jim. I feel the same way. I appreciate your comment.


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